Welcome to the home of The John Warner School robotics team community!

Our community includes some local teams competing in VEX Robotics Competitions nationally and internationally. Our team numbers are, 3110, 3116, 3121 and 3123.

We have been very successful in the past few years at VEX Robotics. In the previous 2 seasons we have run seven teams and all of them got through to the UK National finals! We have also helped several of our local schools set up their own robotics teams and it has been wonderful to see their progress this season, which has been showcased at our ‘I love robots’ event in February 2019.

We were able to get one team into the VEX National Grand Finals this season and below is a video of the match. This also means we qualified a team for the VEX World Championships in April for the 9th time in a row!

Next season we hope to upgrade to the new V5 Vex system

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