What do the students think?

“My friend Jack was the one that got me involved in this robot team. At first I thought it was going to be boring but I started to enjoy it over time, I wasn’t that familiar with the robot components at the time so was a total beginner at buildings robots.

We missed Friday period five and six lessons to finish this robot and stayed after school to complete it for the upcoming competition.

The time for the competition came and I was looking forward to it, the prize for winning the competition was a trophy and a trip to USA, Los Angeles to participate in another competition against 80 schools from California state. We did end up winning the competition; I couldn’t wait to go to America!

We arrived at America Los Angeles it was awesome I had an amazing time going out places, buying lots of stuff, making friends and eating loads. The competition and going to the American High School was really fun. We came second. I thought it was really good but it would have been better if we had managed to get that first place!

We came back home and the whole experience altogether was epic!”

Javan Willock, year 10

“During my experience with robotics I have learnt many skills about teamwork and engineering skills. I have learnt about when designing a piece of robot that you may need to do it many time to get the perfect result. I got involved with robotics through the schools robotics week, where we made a 9cm robot that was programmed to follow a black line. With the Vex technology I was using I gained driving skills and building skills with vex robotics kit.

During my experience with robotics, I have learnt building techniques and robot driving skills. I have also learnt good ways of working as a team to achieve maximum effect.”

Daniel Rowe, year 10

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  1. After some time coming up with ideas for the robot, we decide to make a scoop! I hope that we succeed.

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