London Regional Tournament – East Barnet School

After a long build with hours of preparation and frustration, the London regional VEX competition finally arrived as 12 teams from the south east took part in this year’s official VEX game sack attack!

Initial results were mixed as our first team, 3116, suffered multiple technical issues and failed to win any of their first three matches. Fortunes for 3116A and 3116B were much better as they stormed into top positions in the league table. At the end of qualifying, all teams had managed to make good progress with 3116B sitting in 2nd spot, 3116A in 4th and 3116 in 6th.

After lunch, teams paired up with alliance partners and in a deeply tactical move, Cheshunt school teamed up with 3116A whilst our other two found alliance partners in two of East Barnet’s teams.

All were straight through to the semi-finals and 3116A breezed through with an easy win to make the final. 3116 and 3116B faced off with their respective alliance partners and after two closely fought rounds and a break down by 3116 partner, 3116B saw their way through to meet 3116A in the final.

Another closely fought battle after two rounds saw Cheshunt and 3116A disappointed but jubilation for 3116B who only started their build last week and were a late entry to the event. Congratulations!


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