VEX West of England Regional

An early morning and a long drive all the way to the West of England saw Team Control Freaks competing in this seasons West of England Sack Attack, held at the University of the West of England in Bristol.

A long delay on the M25 (45 minutes!) saw us struggle to make the event on time but we just managed to be on the field and ready for the first practice matches at 10:00am. All four teams had strong robot and aside from 3116 which was still undergoing a few teething problems, all robots made a successful start to the campaign.

Matches came and went quickly whilst the teams fiddled with various autonomous set ups and by the end of the morning qualification matches, 3116C with Ben Dance were top of the 11 team league. 3116B with Lewis Daniels driving were in a close 3rd and Charlie Blay and Jake Stinson had driven 3116A into 4th position. Dan Rowe had a few technical issues and only managed 10th after a few failures in the arena.

Through to the selection and for once the John Warner boys decided to stick together with a similar robotic pairing between 3116B & 3116C and likewise 3116A taking a brave decision to choose Dan’s beleaguered 3116 robot on the trust that all issues had been solved.

Both pairings made light weight of the semi-finals, even with a few stumbles along the way and the pairings faced off against each other in the final. The new boys made the best start, Dan once again suffering a few faults, and the 3116B & C partnership took the first round. A driving error by Lewis in the second leg opens the door for the other team and a nail biting conclusion sees 3116C & B take the final 96 – 95.

A further bonus is the new boys with 3116C also pick up the excellence award for a faultless performance throughout the day.

Lots of friendly fun and a big thank you to Jenny and Dave Smith for their help on the day and Jenny’s cakes!

Videos and pictures will be uploaded shortly here;

Pictures courtesy of Sophia Higlett


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