Best ever showing for UK schools at VEX World Championships

01/05/2014| Rapid News

Best ever showing for UK schools at VEX World Championships
Six teams from the UK joined thousands of pupils from across the globe to compete at the 2014 VEX Robotics World Championships in California, with notable performances from two of the teams.

1144nThe highest ranked British team were ‘3116 Team Control Freaks’ from the John Warner School in Hertfordshire, who finished 14th out of 86 teams in the High School Maths division – the highest placing yet for a UK team. ‘Volt Robotics’ from East Barnet School were ranked as high as 7th in the same division after the first day, but could not quite maintain their 100% record and eventually won six out of their ten matches. ‘XLR8’ from Nottingham High School achieved a first for UK teams at the World Championships when they competed in the Quarter-Finals, after being selected as an alliance partner by two US teams.


These were the final results of the UK teams:

‘3116 Team Control Freaks’, John Warner School 14th High School Maths Division

‘Volt Robotics’, East Barnet School 32nd High School Maths Division

‘Green Team’, Nottingham High School 49th High School Science Division

‘XLR8’, Nottingham High School 50th High School Maths Division

‘ADI: e-LEMON-ators, North Bromsgrove High School 54th High School Maths Division

‘3116B Team Control Freaks’, John Warner School 71st High School Science Division
The overall winners were teams from schools in the US, New Zealand and Canada and China in the Middle School Division.

One of the highlights of the World Championships is the launch of the following year’s VEX Competition Game, which in 2014-15 is called ‘Skyrise’. It challenges teams to build towers and pick up and place cubes.

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  1. Well done to the entire team, we are here for eachother and to help eachother, this was a group effort and everybody should be so proud of the efforts. Challenge: Beat it next year 😉

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