18 thoughts on “VEX Skyrise 2014-2015

  1. Looks exciting!

  2. Can’t wait for competition. Already designing!!!!!!!!

  3. Interesting…… might need some new parts

    • You’ll need to start finding some sponsorship then 😉

      • That’s…….. Where it can get a little tough. Where would we start? is it better to go for bigger companies (Who sponsor a lot of people already) or smaller companies (who want to get their company know to more people) I’ll start thinking on where to go and begin to get in contact with some viable companies who want to sponsor us 🙂

        • Think big! We have managed lots of contributions from many generous companies and institutes but most of these have been in the form of grants. Perhaps a large Engineering company could bring expertise and funding to make us even more competitive at Worlds this year!

        • Small local companies would probably be easier to persuade, rather than massive companies, and with having local companies is good as well because it shows off places in Hoddesdon/Hertfordshire!

  4. this looks very cool !!!!

  5. What lifts should we use? Linears, 8 Bar, 4 bar?

  6. Looks pretty, cool. Its just the design phase that can be a little tricky but as soon as we are over it then we should be alright with the building… Its tough to choose what lift we should use and make sure it isn’t too unstable so much that we will tip over as soon as we raise the lift!!!

    • Key elements look like being fast and holding as many elements as possible. The size difference between the 8″ cube and 3″ Skyrise section will influence the jaw mechanism considerably.

  7. I think a mixture of linears and another lift so we have stability and height.

  8. That’s one to ask Carl 😉

  9. And people say Toss Up was hard…

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