VEX 2016-2017 New Game Reveal 10:30pm Friday 22nd April

The VEX EDR World competition game will be revealed at 5:30pm Eastern Time on Friday 22nd April! This is around 10:30pm UK time. The reveal will be for the VEX IQ system as well as VEX EDR and any new products that VEX may be releasing this year.

The new game reveal can be seen live on the Robot Events website by clicking on their Webcast:

All the matches across five divisions can also be seen starting from around 7:30pm UK time.

Teams from the UK to watch out for are:

Science division: Error 404 6053B
Technology division: Virus robotics 4195, Systematic Chaos 6053C, Team ROUSE 8171
Engineering division: Stowebots 6023S
Arts division: Davis College 6661A, Smooth operators 7975A

And keep an eye out for 2587z, Discobots (Science division) who had an awesome reveal which can be seen here:


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