UK National Championship – How did we get there?

The UK National Championship take place on 16th to 18th March. All 5 Team Control Freaks have managed to qualify throughout the season so we are hoping for a strong showing!
Here is how we did in each of the regionals we attended:

KHVIII – 3116B Tournament Champions and Design Award winners, 3116A finalists.

Herts Regional – 3116 Tournament Champions, 3116C Design Award Winners and Finalists, 3116A and 3116B semi finalists.

Essex Regional 1 – 3116A and 3116C Tournament Champions, 3116 and 3116Z finalists.

Coventry University – 3116A Tournament Winners and 3116A Judges Award, 3116 semi-finalist.

Leicester Regional – 3116C Design Award winners, 3116B and 3116C finalists, 3116 and 3116A semi-finalists.

Essex Regional 2 – 3116Z Judges Award, 3116A and 3116B finalists, 3116Z semi-finalists.

VEX Robotics Competition – 3116Z Tournament finalists.

Stowe Regional – 3116C Tournament Champions, 3116A semi finalists.

Highgate Regional – 3116A Excellence Award and 3116B Design Award, 3116Z finalists, 3116, 3116A, 3116B and 3116C semi-finalists.

It looked a bit touch and go whether 3116Z would qualify for the National Final but after an excellent performance at the Highgate regional and only missing out on the tournament win due to the Chinese teams they managed to secure a UK roll down spot.
UK National Qualifying record:

3116 qualified as Tournament champions at Herts regional.

3116A qualified as Tournament champions at Essex regional 1.

3116B qualified as Tournament champions at KHVIII regional.

3116C qualified as Tournament champions at Essex regional 1.

3116Z qualified as Tournament finalists and the highest UK team at the Highgate regional.

US Create Open Qualifying record

3116C qualify for the Create US Open via their Design award at the Leicester regional.

3116A qualify for the Create US Open via Coventry university Tournament winners.

VEX World Championship Qualifying record:

3116A qualify for the VEX World championship through their Excellence Award at the Highgate Regional.

Still to come – UK National final and VEX World Championships!

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