About Us

We are a team of promising young Engineering Students attending The John Warner School in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. We will be competing around the UK and at the Vex World Championships in Anaheim, California. We have had many recent successes with other competitions which took us to America twice in 2012 and again in 2013

The John Warner School robotics team known as the Control Freaks, Team 3116 has competed locally, regionally and internationally in the official VEX games as well has appearing in the 2012 VEX World Championships. During this time we have promoted fair play, comradery, the spirit of competitiveness through learning and have always played within the rules through victory and defeat.

As a team we have been an ambassador for VEX robotics taking the game into primary schools, sharing our resources with neighbouring schools, sharing ideas with other teams internationally and making others aware of the existence of VEX. We have always spoken highly of VEX as a mechanism to teach Design Technology, Engineering, Science and Maths, using it as a platform to encourage business leaders in Hertfordshire to get involved with young people and to help them build a future through apprenticeships, work experience and ultimately employment.

We have attracted local press coverage alongside national recognition from DATA, exposure in their Teaching Practice magazine and we have been interviewed by VEX UK, one of our students being used in the promotional reel and at the World Championships. Mr Higham has been filmed for SEMTA, the Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies – and heavily promoted VEX as the mechanism we use to bring Engineering to the young people we engage with on a daily basis.

We have attracted sponsorship from an international company in MBD.A  and have support from Premiere eda as well as our local University of the third age and Rotary club. We have made presentations to both the aforementioned groups and the students have also been proactive in contacting companies such as Dunlop aircraft tyres, Royals Royce, Autodesk and FedEx, all of which have given us positive feedback on the program we run here at John Warner.

During our experience with robotics we have learnt many skills about both teamwork and engineering. Over the past 2 1/2 years, we have excelled in the subject of robotics as team ‘Control Freaks’

SOur Gateway Robots 3116 &3116A

“We started in the September of 2010 and we were given the challenge of creating a robot which would compete against other schools in a competition organised by M.B.D.A, with the prize of being able to go to America to compete in the LA nationals’ competition. As this was our first experience with the Vex robotics kit, we were unaware of the journey that this would lead to.”

“We are grateful for any donations or sponsorship, and whilst competing, we will advertise your company on shirts, our website and media, banners and, of course, the robots. We thank you for taking the time to read this and invite you to join us on our journey.”

Olivia Blake & Emma Rejniak; Year 10



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