VEX World Championship 2014

On the 21st April, 2014 –Easter Monday – 10 students and 2 teachers boarded a flight to Los Angeles to take part in this year’s VEX Robotics World Championship. This year’s event was to be bigger than any held previously with over 700 teams from 28 countries taking part and … Continue reading

Images for the recent VEX National championship 2014 can be found here; VEX National championship 2014

Kate Bellingham

Check out Kate Bellingham’s Blog on how she helped the John Warner School robotics team achieve success at the Duxford LEGO competition and how she has inspired the next generation of Female Engineers – Thanks Kate for all your help and input on all the projects we are doing … Continue reading

Wie von Geisterhand

Schüler aus Hoddesdon/Hertfordshire besuchen die Reclamschule, um mit den Robotikfans um Dr. Schmidt gemeinsam zu tüfteln. Vom 9. bis 12. Dezember weilte eine 14-köpfige Delegation der Control Freaks der John Warner School am Reclam. Im Mittelpunkt des Besuches stand nicht, wie der Name der Roboterbauer aus der Kleinstadt nördlich von … Continue reading

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