Our Robot Design Process

I would like to use this area to have an open discussion on our designs for the new game “sack attack”. Please feel free to offer your response, comments or ideas in the reply box below.

My First thoughts are;

  • There is a high possibility that sacks may split open or break
  • The sacks are as much terrain as game pieces
  • A big advantage will be to travel under the 15” troughs
  • De-scoring is a potential alliance must
  • Stacking the sacks will be important if the high goal is to be utilised
  • Shielding troughs or high goals would be useful but is it legal?
  • Multi wheel drive “land rover style”, no small wheels- gear ratios are essential!
  • A claw looks cool but will be heavy on operator control
  • We must look at industry standards on shifting un-even loads
  • Autonomous will be disrupted by impacting loads
  • Fast scoring is essential, autonomous points will be a must

Initial sketches;

Start Position-

Right angle lift-

Full extension-

Our latest build; Watch those fingers!

5 thoughts on “Design

  1. Stage one of the design has now been completed with the full 3o inch goal within reach and the drive system fully functioning. The lift goes beyond last year’s four bar lift and incorporates a six bar mechanism which is lifted by two, counter rotating motors, aided by a few elastic bands.

    Initial testing (without the grab mechanism) has shown that the lift is stable, quick and capable of lifting its own weight easily – something that last year’s robot struggled with in initial testing!

  2. We know what we are doing this year!!!

  3. I like your team but there might be a flaw in your design!

  4. Hi PolarisRobotics, please feel free to discuss the design with us here. We have run into a few issues which we have mostly solved but it is still a work in progress! How is your build going?

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