How has Technology influenced our design?

Computers are the backbone of all of our designs from designing the structure of the robot and the working mechanisms on inventor by Autodesk down to programming control and movement and autonomous code in EasyC. Some of the most complex parts of our design are based in the coding and this is why this part of the challenge is both the hardest and the most satisfying.

Most of our students¬†are familiar with CAD (Computer Aided Design) but not many will have had the opportunity¬†to draw such complex designs to see them then made reality. Learning about the use of gear ratios, levers and lifts is fun in practice but quickly becomes frustrating when the gears slip, the lever doesn’t reach or the lift is too heavy! CAD solutions allow students the freedom to invent their robot without the limitations of resources.

Programming is a new experience for most of our students in the high school category and can seem daunting at first. The simple interface and user-friendly blocks allow students to rapidly learn how simple coded instructions can alter the performance and behaviour of their creations. The autonomous 20 seconds is always the most entertaining moment at the start of any tournament when students get to test their coding skills in the hot bed of the arena for the first time!

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